Welcome to VOX, where players have full control over the game and its growth!

Sandy Plains, one of the primary biomes in Vox.

The Rainforest Biome. Inspired by aztek design.

Floating Island Biome at 80% completion. (town Remaining)

The Floating Island Biome at night. Render made in MagicaVoxel.

Nightmare Biome. A dark biome built to creep you out. player character is 2 voxels tall so this bad boy is massive.

This will be a scene in the up coming Lava Biome.

We have plans for destructable parts to show the player innards....maybe one day but not now.

One pet in a series of hundreds to come to vox. players will of course be able to customize them to their liking :)

one of many Golem based creatures you fight.

The largest Golem Creature in the game. Trees are the same size as worl cubes (2 cubes high = player)

4 winged pet dragon. He has all animations made so once we get the new skeletal system in we'll be able to put this puppy in-game.

A scene from the Snow Biome, more to come.

So far this is a single section from the world primary biome/town. It’ll be a massive kingdom with all of your necessary resources.

Building a fishing system and all related tools


Vox is a 100% creation based adventure game where players have full reign on how the game can grow. The game is currently in early alpha development on steam Early access. We plan on developing the game gradually for the purpose of refinement and constant external input. The game has a large scope and will take time to complete with our small team (2) but we have full confidence on the games growth and support.

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